Tyler, The Creator recently laid to rest his infamous twitter name @fucktyler and it really left die hard day one fans scratching their heads. He explains his reasoning in the video below.

Frankie Zing

Tyler reveals to Afropunk just why he changed @fucktyler to his stage name:

“My stock just went up because of that name change and only idiots won’t understand that. How can I contact corporations like, ‘Yo, invest a bunch of money in me. I got a bunch of really good ideas.’ And they don’t reply me. Oh yeah, my name has this in it. That first impression is automatically out the window.”

“I was just over it. Plus people like… If you don’t know much of me but you wanna get into it, you don’t know ‘fuck Tyler’s’ my thing. So I should just change it to my stage name. Like why not? It’s nothing crazy. I just had a bunch of gnarly tweets under that name. I’m just putting that era to rest.”

See the full interview below: