And he’s playing Pac…naw lol. But he is playing someone who was very dedicated to the unsolved murder mysteries.

Frankie Zing

Depp will play LA detective Russell Poole, the man who took on the case himself to get to the bottom of the murders of two of hip-hop’s biggest legends, Tupac & Biggie.

Poole actually quit the force and dedicated his life’s work to breaking the case before his untimely death from a heart attack in 2015. He’s also the one who came up with the theory that Suge Knight had Pac killed so he wouldn’t have to pay him millions of dollars in royalties. He also believed that Knight was working with an LAPD officer, to kill Biggie in retaliation for Tupac’s murder.

The film, “Labyrinth”, will start production in 2017, and is being handled by Brad Furman, who previously directed “The Lincoln Lawyer”. This should be so good.