In a world where everybody seems like their getting sued for something, network TV is no exception. The creator of the hit show on ABC “Black-ish” is now being sued for leaving out her co-writer.

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Kenya Barris is being sued by college friend Bryan Barber because he claims that they wrote the script of “Black-ish” together based on his life. They both became writers at the same time and both had agents from the William Morris Agency in Hollywood.

The two became partners in 2006 to brainstorm a script focusing on the “black experience” through the eyes of a “successful creative and affluent black man who works in a mostly white entertainment industry.”

The premise of the show is relatable. Actor Anthony Anderson is trying to raise his children with a sense of who they are and some cultural identity while they’re being brought up in an upper-middle class society.

The lawsuit claims that the script is based off of certain things in his life and claims that him and Kenya Barris agreed to split the profit and the credit. The one thing is, the two split as writers before the show started airing in September 2014. Barber claims there’s many similarities of the show and the script they wrote such as Anderson’s character drives a high-end luxury car and is married to a bi-racial woman named Dr. Rainbow Johnson (played by Tracee Ellis Ross).

Barber is suing the shows production company for at least $500,000.

You can see some funny moments from the show below.