Wow…Nia Guzman must really not want Chris to have any sort of peace when it comes to their daughter. After the made up “gun incident” with Baylee Curran, baby mama went right to the DCFS.

Frankie Zing

At least it’s by his mom, but monitored nonetheless…

Sources close to Nia told TMZ she filed the complaint with Child Services after the whole showdown with Baylee Curran happened and that’s why they were at Chris’ home on Thursday.

Nia says she fears for her daughter Royalty’s safety, although she was not in the house when the alleged “gun pulling” went down. Nia’s sources also revealed that Nia thinks Chris is a good dad, but still just hangs with the wrong crowd. Now until the case is settled with Baylee, Nia wants and is getting supervised visits for 2-year old Royalty.