As the beef continues with The Game and Meek Mill, The Game has decided to kick things up a notch and go to Meek’s hood yet again. Hit the jump for Meek’s response!

Bri: Instagram + Twitter

The Game took to Instagram to share when he stopped by Meek’ hood:

This nigga #meesha side bitch @tak215 gone show up 3 hours after we bounce talkin bout niggas ain’t come there…. boy if you don’t take yo fat black ass to sleep & get some rest so u can wake up early & wash meesha nuts for eem’….. tell you what, since you so tuff… you square up wit @Wack100… #McMumbles square up wit @BwsByrd & me & Lil meesha can catch our fade….. all that funeral talk u doing on ya gram ain’t scaring nobody & its gone back fire on you #DickChasers #PhillyYallGotRatsMakinYallLookBad & yall ain’t gotta worry bout @akademikstv ?? I’ll do it this time !!!! #HowMuchYouGiveThemToSayWeWasntTherePussy #WeWasntInSouthPhilly #WeWasntInNorthPhilly #GuessWeGhostsThen #Foh ? #iFuckWitPhilly #iJustHateRats

After Meek caught wind of this, he commented on the video:

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So now the question is, who’s really telling the truth and who’s frauding?