Once again, 50 Cent is being sued by a man who claims he came up with the idea for Power. This has happened before with not only Power, but Empire as well.

R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon claim that they pitched the show to 50 Cent in March of 2011, except theirs was titled Dangerous. It was about a black drug dealer attempting to turn his life around for the better, and included a Irish gangster friend and his girlfriend.

Hord and Scoon are also suing Starz and parent company CBS, and are looking to get as much as $180,000 per episode.

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One may ask why they waited so long, but apparently, Scoon called out 50 last year in over 40 tweets, so perhaps it’s just been a long battle with getting the suit going.

“Dubose informed his staff and Byron 50 Cent was interested in Dangerous and would be coming to his office for a meeting. I have the email,” he’d written.

Let’s see where this goes.

Source: DX