Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner’s death is now being sentenced to 4 years. Orto will for four years in prison for possession of a weapon and drug charges. This is actually pretty crazy considering the fact that the officer who killed Garner is home free.

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As Justice Stephen Rooney read Orta’s sentence, he turned to his family and said,

“it will be okay”

As the officers cuffed Orta, protestors stood up in the court room, fist raised hight to the sky, and chanted,

“No justice no peace! F–k these racist police!”

Lisa Ricardo, Orta’s aunt says,

“We’re feeling really upset. I would tell the police, don’t touch him. Hands off Ramsey. Leave him alone in jail.”

Orto pretty much gave up. Back in July he said he was “tired of fighting” and would plead guilty to criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sale of a controlled substance. Since the Garner incident, Orta has been in trouble a few times with the law. Jewel Miller, the mother of Eric Garner’s youngest child, actually attended the sentencing. She says,

“Ramsey filmed Eric’s last words, and that’s how my child will hear his voice. Ramsey Orta is a young boy. He’s just getting into adulthood. He’s just becoming a man and it’s really sad.”

Source: NYDailyNews