Mmmm…sounds like something finally struck a chord in Kim K…we’ll see how long this lasts.

Frankie Zing

After her devastating encounter in Paris earlier this week, which left in her $10 million worth of jewelry debt, Kim Kardashian West is reportedly taking a month’s time off to recover from the traumatizing experience.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ that she’s realized what’s important in life and it’s not all about the money anymore because “it’s not worth it”. She plans to pull back on her usual social media flaunting of her lavish, expensive, luxurious items only those with serious money can afford. She won’t be shoving everything she has in your face now and will even slow down promoting her luxurious fashion line. SO, it seems that the critics and fans have finally gotten to her and she’s heeding their advice.

After having a gun to her head and being tied up with no explanation besides “ring, ring!”, what matters the most to her probably ran through her head in an instant and she realized the simpler things matter. Unfortunate it takes something like this for people to really “find God”. But everyone’s safe and she can move on! But, cat’s out of the bag…everyone knows you’re filthy rich lol