Finally, someone has done it – and I hope they get taken out for everything they have!

Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against MediaTakeOut.com – a gossip site that posts literally anything they feel like making up, and tries to pass it off as fact. Because of its popularity and sometimes (but rarely) factual stories, most people believe what they read on there, and it ends up causing a lot of issues for the innocent parties they’re lying about. This time, it’s Kim, and she’s had enough of their ish!

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

According to TMZ, the media maven alleges the website cited “random people off social media” as its sources during her recent robbery in Paris, and reported tons of false info – including that “French authorities” suspected Kim had let the group of armed men into the apartment herself, questioning the validity of her insurance claim on the stolen jewelry.

I know MTO has been sued before, and clearly it didn’t do much if they’re still alive and kicking. The owner of the site is actually a former lawyer himself, so he tends to know his way around things. Let’s see if Kim gives them a run for their money this time.

Source: TMZ