In the next chapter of the Kim Kardashian robbery saga, it appears that someone started videoing her and everything that was going down once the ordeal was done (I guess there were a bunch of neighbors looking in on what happened once police arrived.) It almost started to go viral before her legal defense came out guns blazing.

Frankie Zing

The video shows Kim on a couch, wrapped in blanket while FaceTiming with someone, as Police are raking through the apartment for evidence. Apparently they were unaware that someone in the apartment was filming them, which would be a major violation of French privacy laws.

Kim’s lawyers are now working with French authorities to find out who the person is behind the camera because in France it’s illegal to film someone in a private setting without their consent. Once it was released on the internet, her lawyers came out of the woodworks, reminding people sternly that what they are doing is illegal and it was taken down. If the culprit of the video is found, they could face up to a year in jail and a face a fine of $50,000.