Jacksonville-based artist Nico is quite the Lil Yachty fan, and earlier this month, created a mural of the “One Night” rapper on a blank wall in the city. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long.

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“They covered it up because they was hating on me cause I’m not from Jacksonville,” Yachty revealed to XXL in a new interview. “That was dope but they covered it up the next day. People hate on me every day but y’all know that. Y’all see the hate. It’s all good though. God keeps blessing me. I’m probably going to get a statue or something next. It’s going to be something better.”

I mean – it’s not that surprising. It is pretty random to have a mural of a rapper – especially of a new one – in a city that has nothing to do with him. What do you you think?

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Source: XXL