Yoooooo, What’s really goodie?!? We here we lit, we got Bars thats about to hit!! Lol, I feel like I’m almost ready for chocolate Droppa, Facts!

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Ok I’m slightly more animated because I just made a decision, prior to today, I would break down how the night went on Hot97.com and here I would do my best Genius impression and try to break the meaning of the lyrics if I felt there might be some kind of issue/meaning behind it….but as of today I’m gonna do both breakdown and lyrics here!!! Too much unnecessary back and fourth, nah mean.

Ok, even with out all the drama like I had last week, at 5mins after the top of the hour I was supposed to be there I got off the westside, and pulled up at exactly 10 after, and I spotted Kur and his crew a few feet down from the entrance, they were just talking. I grabbed the headphones, keys, and my Vape, jumped out and crossed the street toward the Philly team. As I introduce myself to them, Kur comes forward very graceful and humble and says ‘Kur’, I ask if they’re ready to go up stairs, they say yeah and we go up. I open up, put the lights on, direct them to the rest room, go set up the studio, get Triple Threat playing the beat from 395, then go bak down to get Video(I couldn’t have them their waiting on me), I dealt with a slightly slow cab driver, get the receipt, then we go back up, do an level check with the beat and Kur, then I go back down to get Funk Fliggity, we go back up, they sit and talk for a few, get to know each other a little better, then it’s mutha Fugain Time!!!!!

Ok That was Lit, I felt the emotion in his eyes and face when he was was spitting, he was really reliving something, that’s truly what Hip Hop is for.

As for the Bars, Kur didn’t come to take jabs or diss anyone to get his name popping, he came to tell he is story, which is what Hip Hop is really about, telling one’s story. Seeming like he’s detailing his childhood, talking about how his parents told him not to hang with a certain crowd, but he did that, then the situations like drugs and chicks came. How his Moms had no job and what needed to happen to pay those bills, and making time for Grandma line, I felt that! And all of it leading to where he’s going, to the top, it was a real, and good story, it came from a real place within. Our seems to be taking the lemon’s life gave him and he’s setting up this lemonade stand(Ice T…..No Lemonade ??, that commercial is so funny to me). I look forward for Kur to do More in this Hip Hop Space!