Ouuuu! Things just got a bit interesting in this whole Lil Wayne and Birdman situation. We know Wayne has taken many shots at Birdman within the past few months as these two are currently in a $51 million feud. Wayne has made it quite clear that he is not here for Birdman at all as he has yelled ‘f*ck Cash Money’ at many shows. Well now things have just taken a even more interesting turn. Lil Wayne switched up his lyrics during a performance.

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Wayne was performing his single “I’m Me” while in Los Angeles. There is a part in the song that goes,

“I’m a m*****f****** Cash Money millionaire”

Well instead of that, Wayne goes,

“I’m a m*****f****** Roc-A-Fella millionaire”

We do know that last summer, Wayne signed a partnership with Jay to be an artist/owner at the streaming service Tidal. That was a whole year a go though, so is there something up Wayne’s sleeve that we don’t know about? Wayne and Birdman don’t seem to completely hate each other but business is business at the end of the day. This has been a long road so hopefully we see an agreement being made sometime soon.

Source: TMZ