Following Donald Trump’s win on presidency, everyone voiced their opinion, including Oprah. With all the protesting and things of such sort going on, Oprah took to Twitter to tweet, “Everybody take a deep breath, #HopeLives!” with a photo of Obama.

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Oprah now finds herself explaining that tweet as she received a lot of criticism. She said,

“I couldn’t breathe after the election. So when I saw Trump and Obama sitting together, I actually took a picture of the screen that said ‘President-elect Trump honored to meet Obama.’ And President Obama was being so gracious, and I heard Donald Trump say, ‘He’s a good man.’ My mistake, and this is what I know to be true: you can never talk about ‘everybody.’ Even in your arguments with your husband and your children. Don’t talk about what you should do, what you ought to do. You can only speak for yourself. So what I should have said was, ‘I just took a breath.’ What I said was, ‘Everybody take a breath – #HopeLives.’”

Source: TSR