A year ago, officer Daniel Webster was shot during a traffic stop. 35-year-old Davon Lymon is the suspected shooter. Last month he was found guilty on federal gun charges, a case involving the same firearm he allegedly used to kill Webster. The video shows Webster being shot by the motorcyclist he pulled over. The video is cut short due to the graphic image. In the video we see Webster trying to handcuff Lymon. His right hand never made it in the cuffs.

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A few seconds later four shots were fired. Webster took his radio and yelled out “shots fired.” This let off a four-hour manhunt for the suspect, and surveillance video shows the massive police response. Footage shows police helicopters closing in on a shed and arresting Lymon. A few days later Webster died from the gunshot wounds.

There is also a interview video where Lymon is seen on video giving the police a hard time about getting his DNA. He says,

“I know my DNA is on file already.”

It is so sad that this man lost his life over this. May his soul rest in peace.

Check out the footage of the shooting below.

Source: WSHH