Flames Bro!! Ok you know, if you’ve been following the whole thing we do(not just the youtube, which is fine but you’re not getting the whole experience if that’s the case), you know I break down the night and how it all goes down!

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If you really really know, you’ve been following me on IG(and/or snapchat) and you see pieces of it when we record the night before, but let me get to this week. SO I was in Chicago this week, so we decided to do it correct on Thurs(last night), so while I was in Chicago or Social Media Week Chicago, I party’d a bit so I didn’t remember who exactly Funk and I decided to go with when he decided who we were going with this week, so when he put us all on a text together, I didn’t remember it was Dza, so when I replied it was just general info. So when I called Flex yesterday to ask who we were going with again and he said Dza, I felt very foolish! I mean I never met Smoke before but our team member Relly Rell produces and DJ’s for him so he’s fam by default!!

Ok catching up to on my way there, traffic was so ?, I was slightly late, Dza called at about quarter til when we were supposed to be there, let me know he was there, I told him where I was at and we knew it would just be a couple of mins. So after traffic ? me some more, I pulled up, parked, jumped out with the headphones, and saw our video person, and the homie Relly Rell as the rest of the crew goes to the store, Rell and I go to the studio. I do the set up of the studio, you know, lights on, mics right, headphones plugged, video set up, levels(prior to actual mic check, etc etc, Then I go back down to move my car a little closer, plus I had to get Dza and them, so I do that, and as I’m coming back to the door, I see Dza, and his crew crowded at the door but there’s 2 little white ladies peppered in with them and they look shook but yet were asking them if they wanted to get in, I said ‘I got it’, they looked at me but when I typed in the code, the look of relief on their faces, priceless!! Ok we go up, they get comfy, Dza hears the 2 beats he picked(Who Shot Ya, and Affirmative Action…. I knew this was going to be good. Then Flex Arrives, and….