Last week, Knaye West was admitted into the hospital after suffering a mental breakdown. Kanye canceled the remaining tour dates for his ‘Life of Pablo’ tour. We also learned that he could be hitting some big bucks if his insurance company decides to break him off big for being sick and missing out on the shows. A source close to Kim and Kanye now say despite the emotional distress Kim has been going through after being robbed in Paris, she has toughened her skin to be there for her husband.

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The source says Kim has been “an emotional wreck” since the Paris robbery but yet and still she makes her presence know at the UCLA Medical Center right by her husband’s side. The source went on to say it has been quite hard for Kim. The ranting and the whole nine, I can only imagine. Kanye even rants about people trying to sabotage their relationship. Kim is hoping she can get Ye home as early as today. Her primary goal is just to nurture her husband back to health. The source says,

“She has been an unbelievably devoted spouse. He’s a lucky man.”

Get better Kanye.

Source: Complex