The Kardashians just have a lot going on at the point. Last month, Kim was robbed at gun point which destroyed her mentally. She has pretty much buried herself in privacy since. Kim has done less appearances, spends less time on social media, and has overall just been quiet. Kanye West is now being held at a hospital for extreme paranoia which puts a burden on things also. We are told that Kim has been holding the fort down now and trying to be there for her husband. In the midst of the rain, there has to be sunshine. Rob and Chyna have recently welcomed a baby girl to the world. Although that certainly is a good thing, I’m sure its still a lot to handle.

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We now know that ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is taking a production break. The cameras are now taking a rest and will not be rolling for a while. It is for sure that the show will not be filmed for the rest of the year but it may be even longer. The producers have enough footage to finish the season. They were suppose to film through the holidays but that isn’t going to happen. Sources say Kanye’s hospitalization has caused the shut down. The family just has a lot on their plate. Let’s hope they can keep it together.

Source: TMZ