Kanye West is home from the hospital and resting now, but there’s still a lot of gray area as to what actually happened. A new report from TMZ is saying that the breakdown came from Kanye not taking his medicine properly, but what medicine exactly?

Well, the report alleges that Kanye has “long suffered from psychological issues controllable by medication,” and usually, he is on top of it. However, Kim’s Paris incident and the anniversary of his mother’s death were back to back, so it’s likely that was a huge part of why he stopped taking the right dosage.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Another report states that Kim and Kanye are living separately as he recovers, because Kim doesn’t want the kids to see their father in this state.

“Kim is being very protective and doesn’t want Kanye around the kids right now,” a source said. “It’s just been hell for them. Kanye’s behavior took a huge toll on their marriage. But Kim feels relieved he is getting the help he needs. She thinks this is what it will take to save him — and help their marriage.”

Let’s hope he gets better soon!