Desiigner gets ripped a new one after ripping this rented Ferrari around Jersey and crashing it. Hope he saved all of that “Panda” money because if this is true he might have to pay a pretty penny.

Frankie Zing

The rental company’s lawsuit is claiming Desiigner wrecked their 2014 Rari back in June, which was rented by 2 of his friends who are also named in the case.

Before he crashed the whip in NJ, the two friends did give Desiigner permission to drive the car. It’s valued at only $220,000 but the lawsuit is for more than double that because the rental company is going to lose out on future rental money, as in $1,599 a day.

The documents also include an alleged cryptic tweet from Desiigner saying: “If you have a luxury car you better know how to drive.”

Desiigner’s rep tells TMZ “This is the first that Desiigner or his team have heard about this lawsuit. The minute he has had a chance to consult with his attorney, his managers or his attorney will respond.”