A jury has just reported that Iowa police officer Lucas Jones, will not face any charges for shooting and paralyzing 37-year-old Jerime Mitchell. Mitchell also will not be held responsible for small bags of marijuana found on him during the time.

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Mitchell’s attorney Paula Roby heavily criticized Linn County attorney Jerry Vander Sanden and his officer for not even giving her client, who has just regained his ability to talk, the chance to speak on the incident. Roby claimed that Mitchell was willing to speak. In fact, she says she had arranged for an investigator to take down his side. She says ,

“The family is shocked and disappointed,”

Officer Jones and Mitchell got into an argument during a traffic stop. Jones shot the young man in his neck causing him to crash into other vehicles. Mitchell was transported to the hospital to treat many severe injuries. Doctors then determined that Mitchell would be paralyze3d from the neck down due to Jones’ bullet entering the left side of his neck and lodging into his spine below his voice box. Smh! This is not the first time that Vander Sanden’s Sheriff’s Office has declined to file charges against Officer Jones for his use of deadly force.

These officers get away with anything !

Source: Complex