Stevie J is now saying he fears for his life being back with Joseline Hernandez. According to documents he filed, Joseline beat him up while being pregnant with his child. Stevie says Joseline showed up to his place uninvited, busted his face up and injured his eyes. From the temper the world has seen via Love & Hip-Hop, I can’t say I don’t believe this.

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Now Stevie had just posted a video with Joseline that same day and everything looked super cute. Apparently that was before the beat down. Stevie says there was also another incident where Joseline threatened him, lunged at him, hurled paperwork and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade. He is now asking that the courts give Joseline a psychological evaluation and also anger management. He says he is afraid that Joseline will hurt their unborn baby and also him. Sources says the second encounter happened at a DNA lab where Stevie was getting pricked for the paternity test Joseline requested.

Source: TMZ