Via Youtube

Via Youtube

Earlier, there was a rumor going around that Kanye and Kim were headed down the divorce road. We now hear that those rumors are false. The couple have been going through a lot with Kim’s robbery and Kanye’s mental breakdown. None of this adds to the couple splitting up. Sources close to the couple say they are not divorcing. They are actually getting closer.

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Since Kanye has been home, he has gotten the chance to spend more time with his family and get some much needed rest. Ye’ has actually started working again but not overwhelming his self with projects. The couple even went to dinner at a friends home the other day. Can’t believe everything we hear. I think one thing we all can agree on is its good to see the Kardashian-West family get back on their feet. Maybe this time away from the media is exactly what they need. We were told Kanye’s breakdown stemmed from the anniversary of his mother’s death. Glad to see that the two are working on nurturing each other back to normal.

Keep healing Kanye. Hope all is well.

Source: TMZ