SMH, cops in Moonachie, New Jersey have launched an investigation into a burglary at the home of New York Giants fullback, Nikita Whitlock.  Not only did they steal from him, they also scrawled racist epithets all over the walls.

Whitlock says he had gone out with his wife and two children on Tuesday night and when they returned, the place had been ransacked and the words “N-gger,” “KKK”, and a swastika were written on the walls. Cops say the suspects

Cops say the suspects took jewelry and home electronics and stole things from several bedrooms.  The Moonachie PD is asking anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward.  MPD is also telling residents of the neighborhood, “This appears to be an isolated incident,” but says neighbors should make sure their doors and windows are locked and that if they see anything suspicious they should call police immediately.

Whitlock posted pictures of the racial epithets written on his walls on his Instagram account.

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