Things went way left at “Plantation High School” after a group of girls jumped three girls. In the video we can see kids every where. Tajzhana Hammond, her friend, and her cousin, were amongst the girls. Hammond got it the worse. She says she was dizzy and the girls would not let her go.

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She says the girls continuously hit her in her head which is shown in the footage. Hammond says she even blacked out for a few seconds. The young girl says she always gets verbally bullied at the high school by students she doesn’t even know since she transferred in the spring. She says the students pick on her for what she wears and looking different.

Helen George, Hammonds mother says she is upset and angry at the situation. She says when she made it to the school, no one had ay answers. To make things worse, Hammond says the principal of the school, Alona DiPaolo tried to get her to not file an incident report. She believed it would make her look bad to go that far. She believed the girl should just transfer schools and make it as if nothing ever happened. Although DiPaolo didnt respond, the school district did saying the necessary disciplinary action will be taken amongst those involved. Authorities says criminal charges are now pending amongst multiple students at the school. Cell phone videos have played a huge part in finding the culprits. Hammond will be transferring back to her old school.

Source: WSHH