Via Youtube

Via Youtube

Kim and Kanye have reportedly choose to seek couples therapy for the sake of their children. A source close to the two has now spoken out as to why.

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The source says,

“They’re actually doing better. It was obviously a bit tough when everything went down and it was confusing with the stuff going on. But they’re doing better now,”

Kim truly wants to work on the marriage.

“Kim is so in love with him and love can be blinding sometimes—she just adores him and the family loves him as well. It’s a situation that she’s giving another shot, a second chance. She feels he’s been under a lot of pressure, so she feels like he deserves another shot. They had a heart-to-heart about it and Kim is still deeply in love with him.”

There was a rumor that the couple were soon to divorce. Kim’s longtime best friend Jonathan Cheban quickly shut the rumor down. Kanye recently was placed in the hospital after a mental breakdown in which he was nursed back to health not only by his physician but also Kim. The two were spotted out for the first time ever since the breakdown Monday night leaving Santa Monica restaurant Giorgio Baldi.

Source: Complex