Azealia Banks is back at it again! She took to Facebook to first speak on mis-carrying to then deleted. That lead into her dragging Nicki Minaj only to get dragged for doing it! Banks said Nicki should “slim down a bit” and “decrease [her] butt size.”

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Ofcourse, Nicki’s barbz went straight after Banks. She then deleted the post and said,

“I am not the same person I was two hours ago. It’s all jokes guys.”

After getting dragged, Banks took to Facebook to say,

“Thanks for all the new meta-data barbs! Everytime u say “Azealia Banks” you add to that SEO!! It’s always a nice Free push of data that adds to ones popularity in the invisible country that basically is the World Wide Web. The WWW is a country in its own respect , literally Even typing the word or any other number of words like “212” “azealia rant” “azealia beef” basically cements my “value” within the WWW. You’re creating free stock for me pretty much ? That shit is going to be currency very very soon. These social media platforms come and go every ten years but SEO is forever. Keep up all the good work!!”

She went on to say,

Lol guys.
If after you “drag” someone your name isn’t mentioned unless there’s is, You haven’t won anything.. that fourteen year old is RARELY ever mentioned In article without the author having to remind the reader that “this is the girl who had an interaction with azealia banks.”
I’m still the deciding factor babes LOL.
I’m still what makes any of it interesting.
The publics deep disdain for ME, AZEALIA BANKS is still at the center of it all.
I’m 100% a household name in America at this point and it’s really funny to watch you all try and deny it

Check out the full drag in the tweets below.

Source: Complex