Photo Credit: Fox 2

Photo Credit: Fox 2

Former NFL linebacker Robert Eddins, 28, and another man, Ricky McFarland, 32, were found shot to death in Eddins’ Detroit home on Tuesday.

The gas stove was left on, leading investigators to believe the suspect(s) tried to cover up their tracks.  Police also did not find any signs of forced entry, giving investigators the impression that the victims might have known whoever committed the double homicide.

“There’s at least one if not more individuals that just committed a double murder,” said Capt. Kurt Worboys, Detroit police.

The victims were found by Eddins’ father, who came to check on his son.

“The last time he had spoken to him was 6 p.m. last evening,” said Bridget Eddins, his mother. “Between then and now is when the crime occurred.”

“All they know is they went out last night,” she said. “There isn’t a car here. There’s nothing here. That’s his dad’s truck. He came here and found him. That’s all we know, dead in the basement. Shot.”

Police say whoever killed both men also tried to cover up the crime.

“The gas was on from the stove,” Worboys said. “The pilots were not lit. It looks like an intentional act.”

Investigators say the house had heat and was, in their words, “in good shape except for one room.”

“There was one room that was tossed, so it looked like they were looking for something,” Worboys said.

Eddins played in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills in 2011.  He also played in college at Ball State.

“He played pro football. We are all proud of him,” said Bridget. “But it is what it is. (We) don’t know what happened.”

While it’s unclear what happened in the house, Bridget says her son wouldn’t have lost his life without a fight.

“I know one thing, whoever did it, he wasn’t going out like that,” she said. “He probably told them to give me your best shot that’s how he was.”

Police tell us they were found outside a ransacked room.

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source: Fox 2