Photo Credit: Instagram @prodigymobbdeep

Photo Credit: Instagram @prodigymobbdeep

Earlier this fall, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy released a cookbook filled with easy recipes he learned to make while incarcerated – something helpful not only to current inmates but also college kids with little resources in their dorm and even every day folks who just aren’t into cooking like that! Unfortunately, the entire state of California does not see it as such, and has banned Kitchen Commissary from all prisons in the state.

Taking to Instagram, P revealed a letter from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, where they explained their reasoning for the ban was because of the book’s recipe for liquor, known as “hooch” behind bars. presents their reasoning behind the ban, stating “The publication contains information and instructions on how to produce inmate manufactured alcohol,” which, of course, doesn’t fly.

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“We put a lot of great information in Commissary Kitchen and have expanded upon that info during our College Tour,” the book’s co-author, Kathy Iandoli, said in a statement to HipHopDX. “The fact that California prisons have banned this valuable information over an alcohol recipe that most inmates are already aware of feels both contrived and indicative of the fact that maybe the rest of the book is what they’re concealing. Hopefully, this information will find its way to the right people since keeping inmates healthy was our mission. The Hooch recipe was really for historical context.”

Prodigy himself seems to be taking the situation in stride, calling it “great news.” Hopefully it gets worked out soon! In the meantime, cop your own edition of Kitchen Commissary here.