Photo Credit: Instagram / @ArianaGrande

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ArianaGrande

Ariana Grande was out on a store run with her man, Mac Miller, when they ran into a fan of Mac’s. Things were fine, despite the young boy being a bit overeager and nearly sitting in their car, but things went far left when the topic of Ari – who obviously was very present – came up.

In a note penned by a very bothered Ariana, she reveals the kid first looked at her, called her “sexy as hell,” and then proceeded to compliment Mac on “hitting that.”

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“Hitting that? The fuck??” she wrote in the note. “This might not seem like a big deal to some of you but I felt sick and objectified.”

Since posting the note to her Twitter page, the misogynistic and obviously none-too-bright folks have been showing their colors, telling Ariana that because she’s had sex, because she dresses sexy, that basically because she doesn’t cover herself head to toe that she doesn’t deserve respect and she gets what she should. WHAT?

By that logic, men are allowed to do as they please and it’s “okay” for them to say creepy things or even act on it if a woman is dressing a certain way. So, we as women are responsible for a man’s behavior? They can’t control themselves and shouldn’t be held responsible for their own behavior? EVERYONE deserves respect, regardless of what they’re wearing. A woman’s body, clothing choices or lack thereof is NEVER an open invitation to demean her, period!

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