Photo Credit: Instagram / @TreySongz

Photo Credit: Instagram / @TreySongz

Remember how we told you last night that Trey Songz had wigged out on stage in Detroit? Welp, his antics landed him behind bars!

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Someone in control at the venue had let Trey know that his set was going over curfew (all concert venues have HARD curfews, and artists will get fined BIG money for going past it.) Apparently, Trigga did not like this news – so much so he dared them to cut his mic, promising to react if they did…and boy, did he make good on his threat.

The singer was promptly arrested for resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property.

This comes just days after Trey went off at employees at MGM Grand hotel in D.C, after they reportedly kicked him and his crew out “for no reason.” I’m beginning to see a pattern here, and think there really may have been a reason after all…

Trey, you good?

Source: TMZ