After beefing with Chris Brown all day, it looks like someone has finally given Soulja Boy a little more than he can bargain for. There is now a Instagram live video surfacing the net of Soulja Boy getting a little too close with someone as he walks the streets. It looks like he is trying to prove a point that he is from the hood and it backfires as the young man he puts his arm around swings off on him. The phone then drops and we no longer see anything.

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Now we see the power of different angles. In a new video, we see that Soulja Boy actually put his phone down so that he could fight the guy who mushed his hand off of him. Hmm.. Interesting plot twist!

Check out the new footage below.

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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been going at it all day. In a post and delete, we see Chris Brown posting a DM of what looks like is Sean Kingston’s mother saying Soulja Boy has been staying with her family and needs to get out soon.

Every time Soulja Boy tries to make someone look bad, it always backfires!

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