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The Knicks have been struggling as of late, losing six games in a row and making the possibility of the playoffs seem like a distant dream at the moment. With Carmelo Anthony being the star, he usually gets too much of the credit when they win and too much of the blame when they lose.


Melo could easily point to the fact that Kristaps Porzingis has been out with injury during some of this losing streak, which obviously makes getting a win that much tougher. Instead he just shrugs off the boos and negativity and deals with it best he can but he is very aware of the situation.

“We’re not going to let anything seep into this locker room as far as negativity. I don’t even want to think about last year or the year before, those situations. I know right now we’re not going to allow ourselves to get down, especially with the guys on this team. We know how to react to situations like this. So it’s just a matter of sometimes when things are not going your way they’re not going your way. We’ve got to figure out a way to get out of that.”

He continued:

“It is what it is. Regardless of what happens when we win, it’s us. When we lose, it’s me.”

Melo seems to understand that with stardom will always come the praise or blame. There are times however where he shows the opposite and acts like he doesn’t get why the pressure is on him but with big salary comes big responsibility. There are also times he doesn’t come off as a good leader, which is also something that causes the criticism.

This Knicks team is more than good enough to compete in the eastern conference so the fact they are underachieving is more about the team itself than just Melo. Sure he needs to step up and lead but guys need to follow suit and it’s not always that simple. Hopefully with Porzingins getting back in the lineup tonight, it can be an end to the losing steak and get some more positive chatter going on about this season.