Photo Credit: Cleveland.com

LeBron James is arguably the best player in the league, but one of the main issues his detractors have is how often he complains to referees.  James has garnered a reputation as a crybaby with him pointing out plays where a foul against his defender should’ve been called.  James is a superstar and has been a recipient of “superstar calls,” but he is again venting his frustration about the lack of foul calls after the Cavaliers 100-92 loss to the Utah Jazz.

James has subtly complained at times over the years about his lack of calls, but he erupted on second-year referee Tyler Ford late in the first quarter and was hit with his second technical of the season.

James felt he was fouled on a drive on the previous possession by Shelvin Mack, who put his forearm into James’ waist and appeared to make body-to-body contact on James’ way up to the basket. No foul was called and James vented his frustration. While he was busy complaining, he never got back defensively and his man, Gordon Hayward, scored an easy layup during a 4-on-5 sequence.

“I got fouled,” said James after the game while admitting he’s getting frustrated with the way he’s being officiated. “But I know what the main thing is. The main thing is to win.”

It has been a years-long complaint for James that he doesn’t get enough fouls called. The numbers support his case. He is attacking the rim more the last two years and getting fewer calls.

You can read more on the Akron Beacon Journal as they point out the numbers that support James’ case.

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