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You could see it written all over Carmelo Anthony’s face when the Knicks lost to the Sixers at the buzzer this past Wednesday. He was sick, disgusted, annoyed and whatever other word you want to use to explain the misery he was feeling at the moment. According to reports, those feelings spilled over into the locker room where nobody had to guess how he was feeling because he let everyone know.


It’s bad enough that Melo’s no trade clause has been getting extra attention lately with the Knicks fading away in the eastern conference playoff race. Add to that the fact Phil Jackson’s close friend, Charlie Rosen, recently wrote in a blog post that Melo would be willing to wave his clause as long as the trade ended with him in either Cleveland or Los Angeles with the Clippers. The entire blog was written in a way that seems Rosen was just expressing the way Jackson really feels about Melo and he hopes that he would accept a trade. While nobody can say that for sure that’s definitely how it came off.

Melo’s name was in the news this weekend for more than just trade talk. It was revealed this weekend that he reportedly went off on his teammates in the locker room in Philly.

Frank Isola of The New York Daily News had the story.

According to a source close to the Knicks’ veteran forward, Anthony went on a tirade after the shocking loss, admonishing his teammates for blowing a 10-point lead in the final 2:30 to the inexperienced 76ers. He was also upset that he was frozen out on the Knicks final possession, a sequence that ended with Kristaps Porzingis shooting an air ball from the corner which led to Philadelphia’s fast-break. Anthony never touched the ball.

Afterwards, Anthony told reporters that the loss was “unacceptable” while one of Anthony’s associates said “that was as down as I’ve ever seen him after a game.”

It should be pointed out that Melo responded to that tirade with a pretty solid performance on Friday in the Knicks win over the Bulls. It’s possible that things can progress in a more positive direction from here on out but judging by his tweet yesterday, it appears Melo has been listening to it all.