How real ones do…Snoop tells the tale of the first night he met Tupac and how they battled each other first before making history in the rap game.

Frankie Zing

Snoop interviewed most recently Demetrius Shipp, who plays Pac in the upcoming biopic All Eyez On Me, and talks to Uncle Snoop about some rumors that back in the 90s the two first started off as competitors at the wrap party for the movie Poetic Justice:

“Tupac grabbed the mic, he started rapping,” Snoop said of the party. “I grabbed the mic, I started rapping. But I’m rapping aggressive, because at this time, I’m one of them, like battle rappers. So I’m aggressive. So he come back, he aggressive. It sound like we kinda like battling each other.”

“So we get off to like a wrong start, but you could tell we both dope as a motherfucker, so it’s like we not really gonna go there.”

“When we finish rapping, we go outside,” Snoop side. “I’m like, ‘My name’s Snoop.’ He like, ‘My name Pac.’ He break up with a blunt and that nigga roll a blunt with me. That’s my first time ever hitting a blunt.”