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The drama in Chicago is still going strong but Dwyane Wade is doing his best to downplay things now. After a tense 48 hours which saw Wade & Jimmy Butler rip the entire team for not caring after Wednesday’s loss to the Hawks, which then led to a very blunt Instagram post from Rajon Rondo, where he clapped back at both players for the way they handled things, you might expect things to be ready to boil over in the windy city. Today, however, it feels like a different vibe coming from the team and Wade spoke with the media about just moving forward.


After the way Rondo just absolutely trashed Wade & Butler in his Instagram post, which even if you hate Rondo, it was full of truth, you would think Wade would want to fight him. Unless he is just saying all the right things, it appears he and the rest of the team just want to focus on basketball and getting wins.

This morning, the players had a long meeting with GM, Gar Forman, where they got some things off their chest. Forman said he was “extremely disappointed” but he didn’t answer questions to the media, leaving the players to handle that.

“I don’t have any problem with Rajon, He spoke his mind. I spoke my mind. Move on,” Butler said.

Wade said things of a similar nature but with more detail.

“We met today. Grown men talking to grown men,” Wade said. “We had dialogue with the whole team … Winning cures all. I have no issues with Rondo.”

Rondo also added to it, saying “We spoke as a team this morning. Everyone had the same platform and we got to talk it out. We got to say what we needed to say.”

“It’s not that we don’t like each other. Some things came out that shouldn’t have.”

Sounds like the tension is ready to die down but what Wade said is most correct. Winning cures all and if the team can out together a few wins in a row, this will likely all be forgotten.

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