LeBron James said the Cleveland Cavaliers need a “playmaker” and that they’re very “top heavy.”  He noted that he and Kyrie Irving play a ton of minutes because they have no other choice.  All that spells out that they’re very much on the hunt for a backup point guard.  They reportedly held workouts with Mario Chalmers, Lance Stephenson, Kirk Hinrich, and Jordan Farmar.  Now they’re exploring trade options.  The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly willing to part ways with Deron Williams, whom the Cavaliers are reportedly interested in, but would the Cavs be ok with this asking price?

The Mavericks would make a trade of guard Deron Williams to the Cavaliers for guard Iman Shumpert, but only if the Cavs included a draft pick, a league source told Amico Hoops.

Several reports have said the Cavs have an interest in Williams as a potential reserve point guard/playmaker.

Williams is currently averaging 13.5 PPG and 7.1 APG.

According to ESPN, a source says it’s likely that the Cavs would sign one of the four guys from the workouts and there’s been a lot of interest in Chalmers and Stephenson.

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