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The Houston Rockets won a very exciting game against the Chicago Bulls last night, winning in overtime by a score of 121-117. After the game however, more people were talking about the foul that James Harden drew on Michael Carter-Williams, than the outcome of the game itself. Harden had 42 points, 12 rebounds and missed a triple double by just one assist but more importantly he may have figured out a way to draw even more fouls moving forward.


What the?!?! #JamesHarden ??? #Foul

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With MCW playing defense, Harden just decided to lay all of his weight on his back as they both fell to the floor. The refs called the foul on Carter-Williams, rather than Harden, which as you saw had him pretty upset because it was his sixth foul of the game.

Some will say that MCW was blocking Harden from the position he wanted to get to on the floor, which sometimes does result in a foul being called but this was a ridiculous call at the end of the day made for a superstar. It’s bad enough that Harden already gets so many suspect calls to go his way, he doesn’t need more help like this.