Allen Scarsella was found guilty after shooting five black lives matter protesters. Scarsella was convicted on assault and rioting charges. A jury decided that the attack was premeditated and racially motivated.

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Scarsella was one of four people who were arrested for the attack. The shooting took place during the rally that centralized around the shooting death of Jamar Clark by police on November 15, 2015. Scarsella’s attorney tried to defend their client by saying the shooting was an incident of self-defense, triggered by an attempted attack on him by the five Black victims while he was live streaming the protest. Record show that he clearly went to the rally with the intent of harm. Videos show the man cocking his gun claiming to “on a mission” and “locked and loaded.” His three wing men, Daniel Macey, Nathan Gustavsson and Joseph Backman have also been charged in the incident. Scarsella now faces up to 19-years in prison.

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