Two years ago a bouncer in a club alleged RHQ punched him in the face and now he got a nice chunk of change out of it, even though Rich Homie still says he didn’t do it.

Frankie Zing

Ok but if you didn’t than why would you pay lol Maybe he just wanted to end the case already? According to TMZ, the suit is now settled from the incident that went down outside Club LIV in Miami, back in March of 2015, as RHQ paid up 60 bands on Tuesday.

“That’s one expensive punch and hopefully it’ll send a message — to not just celebrities, but regular people — you can’t go around punching people,” says the bouncer’s legal team.

Quan still denies reports of him punching the bouncer in the face and than making a getaway. But, he was apparently on a boat party that night in Miami and didn’t flee, so the stories are conflicting. Still though, that’s 60K for nothing, but he’s prob not worried about that.