So as we continue on, Funk Flex already has the #FlexFreestyles series, then we just launched a DJ series from the technical aspect(scratches and cuts, the #5MinutesOfFunk001, S/O Statik Selektah, #TurntableTuesday97, But since we’ve wet our feet with the interviews, first Gucci a while back, then Young MA, and both of those moved, but with the amount of thoughts that came out in the Jim Jones interview, and the internet wanting to hear those thoughts, we have yet another series ready to be lifted off the ground, and the next one is the thoughts from Desiigner, which had not really spoke any where yet, so we got #FunkFlexDesiigner004 | #WeGottaStoryToTell004

Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD)

A few good topics got touched on here, like How he got Panda, how he met Zana Ray, what his relationship with Phresher was, what getting sighed to Kanye was like, and where we’re going from here, #FireFlames;

Look, you may need to watch this again, the boy talks fast, but if you check for it, there’s some slick talk, and shots fired, and praise as well, it wasn’t just a good interview, it was a Story Told!!!