Looks like Fetty Wap had a little too much fun as he rented out the home of a well known plastic surgeon. The surgeon claimed Wap left “stripper underwear” and blunts laying around and he was not here for it.

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elebrity plastic surgeon who doubles as a star on the upcoming BET reality show We Are the Joneses, Dr. Michael Jones says the NJ rapper rented out his home for last July. The home was a $2.1 million Puerto Rican mansion. Jones says that the home was left a mess with new holes in his walls, a bed linen was missing, the property’s golf carts were damaged, and both blunts and a bunch of strippers’ panties were spread throughout the house. The damages were about $45,000. Sources say $40,000 of the $45,000 came from Fetty’s insurance. Jones tried to sue for the remaining five grand for the repairs that the insurance company refused to cover.

Source: Complex