Bruh, I’m not even going to lie to you, this interview is prob longer than you’re willing to watch and listen, but just a piece of advice if I may, IF you want to really know Fat Joe, know what his actual thoughts are, not just you breaking down lyrics and assuming you get it(you prob do though), or hear an interview that’s only asking about negative or not ALL the information, then Watch and Listen to this, know Fat Joe, use at a reference point of Facts.

Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD)

Where does one begin trying to tell others about focal points in one Epic AF interview, a 2hr interview, let me tell you now, go ahead and bookmark/reading list/watch this later, so when life interrupts, you can get back to it! Ok let’s start by me just giving some points I found interesting while monitoring the recording

Joe talked about Apollo;
How he was killing it every Wednesday, which was when they taped the Saturday night TV version.

Meeting pun, actually earlier then I knew, seemed like Flex too, so that was interesting.

Bringing Pun to Flex to be on Funk’s album and that taping routine sounds like a story on it’s own.

‘Triple seis was sub par’ ?

Having issues with Cuban links and pun’s wife

His experience after Pun passed(??), the depression

Having IRS issues and going to jail for it

Remy- upset with him, the shooting, the comeback, All The Way Back Up

Talks about how he doesn’t need ghostwriting, because he’s nice!

50 Cent
Deaded beef after Lighty Passed(??), gave 50 cent a bday party on a yacht

Ja rule, is his friend, and when Joe was down, Rule gave him “what’s love” And asked to keep Ashanti on the record, which helped pop Ashanti!!

Remy/Nicki beef

How he didn’t like Nicki being a bully in previous situations, like with Kim, and the Barbz are bully’s and Papoose is getting death threats(“Feels like Malcolm X”), I know I witness Barbz hate for Flex so I can confirm the bullying when they hear something they don’t like…..actually if you ask me, part of Nicki’s career as ‘Queen’ has been instilling fear in anyone that ‘asked questions’…..well more and more people that have been wanting to say something are, especially on IG, because her ‘hive has dwindled to it’s lowest levels since it’s inception, and if you have thick skin like me, you really could care less anymore…. don’t even bother with a response for me, there’s prob no coming plus I wasn’t in her fan base or buying her albums, or needing a favor from her…. I been rocking with Remy for a long time, since she was in a Nina Sky video Angie Martinez, Cipha Sounds, and I was lucky enough to be apart of it!!!!

Joe says Undoubtedly, with out a doubt… Remy is the Queen!!!

Once upon a time, the only female that he thought(at the time) that could see Remy was Lauren Hill, but now, Remy is the Queen!!!

I’ve done way too much, yet have no where Near told you all the info in this interview, sit and watch ☝?.