Photo Credit: Instagram / @KodakBlack

Kodak Black is currently behind bars for violating his probation, but that’s not the only legal battle he is facing.

Bossip reports that the Florida rapper is “tired of his son’s mother demanding money in exchange for letting him see the boy,” and he has asked a court to step in to mediate the matter. (This all my be in vain depending on the outcome of his current jail situation, though…)

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According to the report, the 19-year-old says that he only gets to see his three-year-old son, King Khalid, when he gives King’s mother, Jammiah Broomfield, some money. Kodak didn’t even find out that King was his until he was a year old, and it was only then because Jammiah had sued both him and her then boyfriend to establish paternity and for a 50/50 split. Apparently the 50/50 split has not been in effect, and Kodak’s lawyer says her client is entitled to have half custody and shouldn’t have to pay up every time that he wants to see him.

On February 15, a judge denied Kodak’s initial custody request, but solely on the basis that not only was he late to court, but his son’s mother and her lawyer were late as well.

“She is using the son as an ATM card,” Kodak’s lawyer told Bossip. “He’s a stand-up guy. He’s a 19-year-old man who is trying to be there for his son, and this woman is blocking that.”

I’d like to hear Jammiah’s side of the story, though. If Kodak is in and out of jail, on top of always touring when he’s not in jail, he should not have 50/50 custody. Furthermore, if he’s not paying anything to Jammiah at any other time (which we don’t know is the case, but it’s possible,) then of course she wants at least something when he does try to come around. Who knows how often that even is?

Messy all around, either way. This is why babies should not have babies!