All we know is BARS fam, y’ll can keep that pop want to be mumble ‘Yeah-to-rhyme’ BS, musically I get it, chase that pop, but we come from an era that meant be nice or die, be about your BARS or be nothing because at the time nothing was available, but now it’s diff, and I’m going to say because those with BRS opened the way!

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I don’t really have a story on this one, the team member WilMajor pulled Sun through, and he is nice with his! I just want to get the above off my chest because I see some kids running around again saying this one and that one is finished and a diff time has come, which might be partially true but but I KNOW it wouldn’t be possible IF my era and those before my era didn’t make it possible for this new clownery…. ok I’m in my bag I guess, I digress, lets hear Homie spit;

Nah Homie got some serious skills, I glad Will got him to come through!!