It has been reported that while at Palace nightclub in Atlanta, rapper Young Thug slapped a woman for arguing with his fiancee. The woman was someone he use to work with, a woman by the name of 27-year-old Valerie Raven, aka Akbar V.

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V says she was arguing with Thug’s fiancee Jerrika Karlae, when Thug tried to come to her rescue and slapped her. She says there were several witnesses. Once the cops were called, Thug and Karlae had flew the coop. Akbar v has filed a report for battery. Authorities say they have seen videos of the altercation but it doesn’t show Thug making any contact. The video just shows Thug coming and walking away. One thing’s forsure, we know Thug has no problem checking a woman considering what happened with the woman at the airport.

Check out the encounter below.

Source: TMZ