It has been reported that Tyler Perry’s father, Emmit Perry, has now lost his home due to a fire. Officials claim that the fire was caused by electrical fires.

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Perry says,

“I heard something popping in the attic. I went upstairs and let the [attic] stairs down. I couldn’t smell any smoke. I didn’t see anything burning.”

He said he then walked outside and saw smoke coming from a chimney. He says,

“I then went to call the fire department, and my daughter was coming in the gate. And she said, ‘I already called them.’”

At the time no one was sleeping which was a blessing.

“I made it out alive. If it wouldn’t have happened then, me and my daughter would’ve probably been in there, and we would have burned up.”

Thankfully no one is hurt but this is definitely a heart drenching situation. Prayers go out for the Perry family.

Source: TSR