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This is super sad. A young girl committed suicide on Facebook live. You wold think as a parent a mother would be traumatized and do anything in their power to talk their child out of it. Naika Venant committed suicide while in foster care.

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Gina Alexis, the girls mother, did things on Facebook to egg her such as write comments that would lead one to continue on with the self harm. Documents states the comments could be found as mentally injurious to her child. One thing the mother wrote was,

“U keep crying wolf u dead u will get buried. Life goes on after a (young person) that doesnt listen to their parents trying to be grown seeking boys and girls attention instead of her books. ”

Alexis’s attorney, Stacie Schmerling says her client was not online at the time of her daughter’s suicide. She says her client was told that the sucicide was a hoax. Naika’s mother seemed pretty distraught after her child’s death as any mother would. Her mother had lost and got her back numerous times. There was an allegation of the young girl being sexually abused by a boy while in foster care.

So sad that this young girl lost her life so early. May her should rest in peace.

Source: WSHH