The other night Irv Gotti dropped by to do some talk about his new show on BET, that I’m not gonna front it def does look… let’s just say this summer seems to be fully lit for TV content! BUT, they got into much more than that….

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A lot of talk happened, they def got to the #Tales, but not before Irv telling about how he helped HOV ‘in my humble opinion, Rocafella was born that night’, and wouldn’t have been ‘it’ if they didn’t have Dame; Gotti says Biggs was VERY important too… he talked about how Hip Hop, the Culture, the music… it was a ‘blood sport’… talked about one of his firs artist, Mic Geronimo, historians might really check that.

Whoa…Dj Irv, then ‘I didn’t have Ashanti signed when she was moving’, come on man, you want to hear this.
I personally appreciate the ’I miss BIG’ when I feel like not enough OG’s proclaim it
Then they got into some Nas or Jay Z talk when this came out ‘Hov wanted Nas on Can I Live, Nas didn’t show up’, and this ‘illmatic changed hip hop’… Can I tell you, that only the Half, watch its, it’s good!!